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PRICE MATCH GUARANTEE! We offer the lowest prices available online!
Spend £30.00 for Free U.K. Standard Shipping!
Over 50,000 Satisfied Customers
Live Personalise Preview on all our custom gifts
Made In The UK we only process & dispatch from the UK
Next Day Delivery Available order before 2pm
Next Day Delivery Available order before 2pm
Live Personalise Preview on all our custom gifts
Made In The UK we only process & dispatch from the UK
Next Day Delivery Available order before 2pm
Live Personalise Preview on all our custom gifts
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What products are popular on Personalised Island?

What products are popular on Personalised Island?

Personalised Island has been running for almost a year and our success has been great! We have set a high standard in every step of the process, from the time a customer places an order to the point of receiving the parcel – our product and service is unbeatable. We have received exceptional reviews!

Our website is always expanding in team members and more importantly our catalogue.  We have recently introduced new fonts on our water bottles and phone cases, these include

Listed: Galaxy edition, Wizard edition, Battle Royale edition, Magical edition, Cartoon edition, Artist edition, Fancy edition, Handwritten edition. 

We personalise the bottle in 7 colours, this includes, pink, black, blue, red, orange, green and purple. The water bottle is BPA free and includes a fruit infuser inside, so you can add extra flavour to your water - you are able to throw in anything you want, this includes all types of fruits and vegetables. With the new 2020 Love-Island coming close the demand for the Personalised water bottles increases.


 The size of our Personalised Fruit Infuser Water Bottle is 750 ml – The cost of the Island Bottle is £14.00 - our customers purchase 2 or more for their friends and family to share the cost of the delivery. These water bottles have made appearances at workplaces, schools, on holidays and frankly anywhere you can imagine.








Here are some reasons on why you should buy our Personalised Island Water Bottle:

  1. Reduce waste with an eco-water bottle – over 75 billion water bottles are used annually.
  2. Save your money – this is a long-term investment. Investing in our water bottles will not only save you the hassle of buying water bottles consistently but will save you the money that follows.
  3. Health risks – plastic product and containers manufactured to hold beverages, such as water bottles, may contain BPA – BPA is an industrial chemical used in the product of certain plastics and resin. BPA increases the risk of a number of health problems, I would like to confirm all of our water bottles are certified ‘BPA FREE’


A new design has evolved from our previous design, the Personalised stainless-steel Island Bottle. This personalised stainless-steel water bottle keeps your fluid warm for 12 hours and cold for 24 hours – this being done whilst looking very stylish. This is an extremely popular design on our website. This is available in various other fonts and also other colours. – whether you have an Samsung, Apple or an Huawei device we have you covered. If your phone case in unavailable on our website, please click on the contact us page and request your specified phone. The phone case will set you back £10.00 and also is available in various colours similar to the Personalised Island water bottle. These island inspired phone cases prevent damaging your phone and avoid scratches Overall our cases takes care of your phone case and looks very stylish.

These islander edition gifts are extremely popular and the fonts on the product catches the eye.

Warning: Other stores do sell cheaper versions however the bottles may not be BPA free nor may have a fruit infuser or may be unofficial which may not be safe to drink from.

Our Personalised water bottles are all BPA free!

What is BPA?

BPA stands for bisphenol A. BPA is an industrial chemical that has been used to make certain plastics and resins since the 1960’s.

Some research has shown that BPA can seep into food/ beverages from containers that are made with BPA.

Research has also shown that exposure to BPA can have adverse implications on the health. More specifically on the brain and prostate gland of foetuses. It has also shown to have a negative effect on children’s behaviour. Additional research shows a possible link between BPA and increased blood pressure.


It is important to note that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have said that at low level concentrations BPA is safe in some foods. However, here at Personalised Island we do not leave anything for chance, which is why we offer all of our products 100% BPA Free Plastic.

If you are like us, and want to continue to take precautions, we recommend you use BPA-free products & avoiding heat.



How fast is your shipping?

We understand our customers eagerness to receive there parcel and therefore we offer Next Day Delivery on all our products, our team works over time to ensure each customer receives there parcel the very next day given the order was placed before 2pm (our cut off time) If our customer does not want to pay the next day delivery fee we offer express shipping which takes 2-3 working days for £2.99, the delivery fee is voided given £30.00 is spent.

All products on our website are processed and dispatched from our U.K. warehouse. In addition to this our customer service team is available 24/7 for any customer enquiries.


Personalised island Gifts & Ideas 2019

Personalised island Gifts & Ideas 2019

Personalised island is a one stop shop for anyone that’s on the hunt for a cute and cult product that can be personalised. Growing its market very rapidly, personalised island has established themselves as producing very high-quality products at reasonable budget friendly prices, I mean what more can you ask for. 


Personalising products has become a very favourable demand. People are reaching out for personalised gifts all around the world as it adds value to the product and the essence of uniqueness. Adding a personal touch like a name/nickname is always a more admired trait. A product with and without a personal touch can make all the difference and that’s where personalised island hits the mark. You customise your product exactly how you desire without any extra cost.



The increasing brand popularity over social networks means the brand can only get bigger and better. Personalised island now has a wide range of font variations and colours to take your pick from.  Something catered for every age group, you’re bound to make it special with one of these personalised gifts.

At personalised island some of the products have become statements for example the island edition fruit infuser water bottle. This makes for a perfect gift for anyone and any occasion being it’s so versatile. The water bottle can be personalised with any writing you want from a selection of various funky fonts to choose from to suit your recipient and their personality. Make it the perfect gift for her and him too!

The fruit infuser water bottle is a tasty yet nutritious way to cleanse and hydrate your system without even realising your doing it. It is also proven to control appetite, prevent heartburn and acts as a defence for your immunity. It is proven to aid digestion, flush out toxins and uplift your mood. It aids in regulating blood sugar levels and weight management. It is perfect for individuals who desire a tasty fruity kick to their regular drinking water. If this wasn’t enough it is 100% environmentally economically friendly, did you know over 75 billion bottles are used annually!

What’s more, the fruit infuser water bottles are stain, odour and leak resistant. Stain resistant benefits as some fruits of dark colour may erode onto the bottle and leave a permanent discolouration. This means you can add anything you like and yet keep your bottle fresh and mint forever. Odour resistant is very essential as you don’t want after tastes of the fruits you infused last night! Leak resistant means you can pop your bottle into your handbag, backpack, luggage and be rest assured your fluid is not escaping.

Here at personalised island only the best quality durable material is utilised in the making of the bottles. One that is BPA free and 100% safe to use over and over again.

Customers all around the UK are enjoying their personalised bottles, whilst some love to carry it at work, gym, others simply enjoy it around the home as a convenient and efficient way to consume their daily intake of water. Customer reviews and feedback tell us that these fruit infuser water bottles are very popular in schools and colleges too! Reviewers claim this has become a fad amongst the youth. I mean that comes to no surprise as they not only look phenomenal, but it’s convenience and benefits is a great deal.

 With each personalisation carried out with utmost time and care you can be assured you’ll be getting a perfectly polished and slick bottle to your name.

Another fantastic product is the island edition stainless steel bottles.  These bottles will keep your beverages warm for 12 hours and cold for 24 hours due to its double walled vacuum flask. Drink that cuppa in style with a selection of vibrant colours to choose from and personalise it with the writing of your choice. Carry it anywhere you like you’re bound to have eye rolls at this unique personalised bottle. This can make a perfect gift for kids, partners, parents to grandparents. They can all do with a unique personalised gift just for them. Increasing number of people are opting to carry these bottles outdoors due to the style factor but also health factors. Stainless steel bottles do not contain chemicals as do plastic bottles and is the most durable drinking bottle option on the market today. They are not subject to corrosion or leach chemicals when exposed to the heat and sun. It is the only bottle you need whether you want to enjoy a hot or chilled drink no matter where you are heading to. Furthermore, these reusable bottles do not retain the flavours from your other beverages so you can enjoy a strong coffee, give it a rinse and then enjoy the crisp taste of plain water without the interference of any lingering pre flavours. 

The stainless-steel bottles are super easy to clean and do not rust. They are super lightweight and very cost effective in the long term. Whether you’re making a purchase for yourself or gifting to somebody, this is an item that will come in handy and yet make a style statement every time it is carried. It is a very fashionable and elegant bottle; the colour range is extensive and of course you can add whatever writing you want to make it that personal. The shape is comfortable to carry in your hands and has a non-slip technology. 

With the growing team at personalised island, you are guaranteed a quick delivery for your purchases. Many times, we opt for a last-minute resort when in need of a gift so be assured personalised island has you covered 365 days!